The aim of the XtraMile Run: Run for Dignity is to raise awareness and generate interest from the community to support the Dignity for Children Foundation. This run will also serve as a platform to raise funds from the community – through pledges raised by runners and non-runners alike who believe in our cause, as well as corporate entities.

The run is open to all above 18 years of age. Keeping to its original fashion, the XtraMile run will cover a 100km route spanning the Klang Valley, from Putrajaya to Petaling Jaya. Three main runners, Alex, Kyle and Daniel, will run the full length of the run. A total of 500 slots are open for runners to run alongside them, relay style, at 10km and 30km intervals.

The estimated duration of the run is 17 hours, starting on August 24th, Saturday, at 6pm and conclude on August 25th, Sunday, at 11am the next morning.

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90km mark - Lake Gardens "Be An XtraMiler Walk"
Everyone can be an XtraMiler! For this section of the run, runners and supporters are encouraged to run with outfits / accessories denoting their every day lives / vocations (eg. a chef could run in an apron, a climber could run with a chalkbag, a businessman could run with a tie, a housewife with a broom, etc). They will run alongside children and Orang Kurang Upaya to remind us all that it doesn’t take extraordinary people to make a difference - that everyone, in their individual ways, big and small, can go the extra mile wherever they are.

Finishing Point - Athlete’s Circle