About the beneficiary
The focus of the XtraMile Run 2013 is to raise funds for the Dignity for Children Foundation to continue its work of empowering children and giving them hope for a purposeful future. Dignity for Children was founded by Reverend Elisha Satvinder and his wife, Petrina, out of a heart to reach out and restore dignity to the urban poor. The foundation seeks to break the cycle of poverty by providing underprivileged children with long term quality education and care in a secure environment while meeting their basic needs, such as nutrition and hygiene.

Run for Dignity
When you go the extra mile and run for the Dignity for Children Foundation, you are helping to reverse injustice, break the cycle of poverty, and restore hope to the less fortunate. Together, we can make a difference and give dignity back to children.

How will my donation be used?
100% of your pledge amount raised will directly benefit a child. All pledges raised will be channelled towards the holistic care and quality education provided to the children at Dignity for Children’s learning centre. More specifically, the funds will go towards the centre’s Early Childhood Education Programme and Secondary Education Programme, including overhead costs, salaries of full-time teachers, books and stationery, and transportation and food costs.

Dignity for Children Foundation operates as a full-fledged learning centre sanctioned by the Ministry of Education rather than a fundraising agency. Thus, its continuity depends on the generous support of donors who share the vision of transforming underprivileged children through quality education, to becoming valuable members of their community.

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